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Sometimes it's easier to talk things through.

You can choose to have a Zoom meeting or phone call. If you select a phone call, you'll give me your number and I will call you at the scheduled meeting time.

15-Minute Brief

client call

A complimentary call for existing clients. Book this to brief me about your work requests.

30-Minute Consultation

client call

A complimentary call existing clients. Book this when you need more time to chat.

Discovery Call

new clients and projects

A complimentary call for new clients and projects. Let's chat and see if we're a good fit.

The following are paid sessions billed at half my standard hourly rate.
Existing clients can choose to book these calls instead of using up Project, Time Block, or Retainer hours.

One-Hour Consultation

New and Exhisting clients

Consider booking this call when you know you'll need more time to talk things through.

Two-Hour Brainstorm

New and Exhisting clients

Need help gaining clarity on the direction you're heading in? Let's brainstorm!

Three-Hour Mastermind

New and Exhisting clients

When you want to delve deeper and get more done it might be time for a mastermind.

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