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December 2020 Client Update

The year that in March seemed as though it would last forever is finally coming to an end. So long 2020, you were full of surprises. ​Here’s to 2021, ​I’m excited for all the possibilities ​that a new year​ brings.​​​ I’d love to hear about your projects and plans for ​next year​ ​—​ ​​if you’d […]

October 2020 Client Update

A Client, whose website I’ve been managing for four years, recently asked, “what do we do if something were to happen to you?” Good question. This enquiry made me realise how much I do for my Clients. Many rely on my services year after year. I take pride in my dependability. Though I have to […]

September 2020 Client Update

I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of my business, procedures, and productivity. The Covid-19 pandemic is bringing about new challenges and concerns for everyone. Especially as schools and businesses start to reopen. Many of you rely on my design and consulting services year after year. I appreciate you, my clients. I love the […]