The year that in March seemed as though it would last forever is finally coming to an end. So long 2020, you were full of surprises. ​Here’s to 2021, ​I’m excited for all the possibilities ​that a new year​ brings.​​​ I’d love to hear about your projects and plans for ​next year​ ​—​ ​​if you’d like to ​get a head start, please​ email me or​ book a call.​

I’m so grateful for the opportunities that came my way this year. Despite being confined to my home office with Zoom, I met a lot of new and wonderful people who I had the privilege of working with. To celebrate, I’m offering bonus hours for Time Blocks purchased before 31 December. You’ll get 1 to 4 bonus hours depending on the Time Block you purchase. This offer is available for new and existing clients.

Upcoming business hours

From 25 January to 25 March I will be in Cape Town, South Africa. That’s seven hours ahead of Toronto. I’ll still be working Mondays to Fridays from 9 AM to 5 PM though in Central Africa Time. I’ll keep my hours flexible to best suit your needs. As much as possible, let’s plan ahead with this time difference in mind.

In Toronto time the sweet spot for meetings and live correspondence will be between 7 to 11 AM. Occasionally I’ll make myself available for meetings after 11 AM, but no later than 2 PM as that will be nearing 10 PM for me in South Africa, and I’m usually in bed by then!

Out of office dates from December 2020 to March 2021

I’ll be out of my virtual office on the following days:
January 20-22
February 4-5, 22, 26
March 22, 24-25

Please take note that I won’t be available to perform any tasks on these days, nor will I be able to respond to any messages. So, please don’t panic, I will get back to your requests on the next business day. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

After hours work

As much as I love helping out — being ‘on call’ in the evenings and weekends — starting this January I’ll be a lot stricter about it. ​I put a lot of time and effort into all my projects, and according to my family, I spend way too much time working after hours. Guilty as charged, I have to set some boundaries. ​You can read more on this in the FAQs.

Stay in touch

As always, I want you to be happy working with me — I welcome your questions. If you have time-sensitive work coming up, please email me or book a Client Call so we can plan ahead and be prepared.


Leelee Macdonell
Creative Director