October 2020 Client Update

A Client, whose website I’ve been managing for four years, recently asked, “what do we do if something were to happen to you?” Good question. This enquiry made me realise how much I do for my Clients. Many rely on my services year after year. I take pride in my dependability. Though I have to admit that, uncertain times or not, there is no way to guarantee that 100%. While I don’t plan on “going away” in any sense of the term anytime soon, I want us to be prepared. I’m working on an “in case of emergency” document that’s taking me longer than I’d hoped to complete. Probably due to its sensitive nature that leaves me feeling slightly uncomfortable. It’ll be ready before the end of October.

Changes to the way Leelee Design works

Over the last few months I’ve been streamlining processes to boost my performance. I’m using new tools to help keep your projects and my day-to-day business processes organised. I’ve also been working on establlishing protocols to keep you informed.

For the first time ever I’m using Project Management software. It’s a very simple tool that’s already proven to be highly effective. I also set myself up with accounting software—no more manual spreadsheet invoices! My time tracking software allows me to share a project timesheet with you to keep track of work in real time. And it’s now super easy to book a call with me without having to email me. I’ll keep looking for ways to improve how I work and communicate with you. I welcome any suggestions you have to offer.

Business Hours

A friendly reminder that my business hours are from Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM Eastern Time US and Canada.


I’m trying to avoid working on weekends, unless I’m making up for lost time—which is often due to a client delay. Please, as much as possible, try to stick to deadlines. When I work 7 days a week I’m prone to burning out much faster and that’ll be no good for either of us. If you want me to meet your deadlines, then you have to meet my deadlines too.

Out of office dates in October

Please take note that I’ll be out of the office the following days this month.

  • Monday, 12 October (Canadian Thanksgiving)
  • Tuesday, 20 October (everyone deserves to take the day off on their birthday)

Stay in touch

As always, I want you to be comfortable working with me — I welcome your questions. If you have time-sensitive work coming up, please email me or book a Client Call.


Leelee Macdonell
Creative Director