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Gain confidence and get noticed with meaningful design.

My design and consulting services are specialised to meet the needs of heart-centred creative entrepreneurs.


Photograph by Shannon Laliberte

Publication Design

From cover to cover, I make the process of creating your unique book easy. I design each book with the intention of sharing an enriching experience. With my focus on aesthetics, I see to it that your book is both pleasurable to look at and enjoyable to read.

Bespoke publication design

Artist catalogue design

Surface Design

Decorative surfaces attract attention. They bring to mind the curiosity and enchantment that makes life interesting. Patterns express vibrancy and intensity, making products alluring, seductive, and mysterious. I use my own artwork to create designs that flatter your products. I can also develop patterns from your artwork.

Promotional Materials

If 20+ years as a graphic designer and artist has taught me anything its that I'm versatile. I can design a broad range of promotional materials. These can be printed or digital products that you can use to promote yourself and your business. I like to think outside of the norm and find interesting ways for you to nourish your customers.

Website Design

I design usable, functional websites. My goal is for your website to have a positive emotional effect on its users. I'll help you bring clarity and trustworthiness to your online presence. Together we're going to look past the grid and focus on what actually matters.

Custom website design

Artist website design

Stationery Design

In todays digital society the only thing more important than what you say is how you say it. Stationery lets you communicate with others in a thoughtful way. From custom designed letters and invitations to personalised cards and envelopes. Stationery will keep you looking polished and professional while making an authentic connection.


Do you have an idea you need help with? Maybe you've started a project and aren't sure of the direction you’re heading in. As a consultant my role is to be impartial and see through any complexity that you can’t get past.

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